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Clasificación de usuarios de tecnología: ¿Qué tipo de usuario eres tú?

La organización Pew Internet & American Life Proyect ha definido 9 clases de usuarios de tecnología, para saber en cual de las siguientes definiciones encajas, descúbrelo en el siguiente test:

What kind of Tech User Are You? (Test)

1) Digital Collaborator

If you are a Digital Collaborator, you use information technology to work with and share your creations with others. You are enthusiastic about how ICTs help you connect with others and confident in how to manage digital devices and information. For you, the digital commons can be a camp, a lab, or a theater group – places to gather with others to develop something new.

2) Ambivalent Networker

If you are a Ambivalent Networker, you have folded mobile devices into how you run your social life, whether though texting or social networking tools online. You also rely on ICTs for entertainment. At the same time – perhaps because of the volume of digital pings from others, you may sometime find all your connectivity to be intrusive. You are confident in your ability to troubleshoot your various information devices and services.

3) Media Mover

If you are an Media Mover, you have a wide range of online and mobile habits, and you are bound to find or create an information nugget, such as a digital photo, and pass it on. These social exchanges are central to your use of information and communication technology. Cyberspace, as a path to personal productivity or an outlet for creativity, is less more important to you.

4) Roving Node

If you are a Roving Node, you are an active manager of your social and work lives using their mobile device. You get the most out of basic applications – such as email or texting – and find them great for dealing with the logistics of your life and enhancing personal productivity. You are more of a hub for information flows than a source of digital content. You are heavily reliant on all their ICTs for communicating and gathering information.

5) Desktop Veterans

If you are a Desktop Veteran, you are a veteran online user who is content to use a high-speed connection and a desktop computer to explore the internet and stay in touch with friends. That places their cell phone and mobile applications in the background for you. In some ways, a Desktop Information Gather may appear to be tech-oriented, but from 2004. You might occasionally participate in the online commons, but you treat the cell phone as if it were equipped only with voice capability.

6) Drifting Surfer

If you are a Drifting Surfer, you are infrequent online user. When you use technology, it is for basic information gathering – perhaps looking for some news headlines. It wouldn’t bother you to give up the internet or cell phone. Digital resources are not at the center of how you get information, keep in touch with people, or do your job.

7) Information Encumbered

If you are in the Information Encumbered group, you probably suffer from information overload and think taking time off from the internet is a good thing. You are firmly rooted in old media to get information. Although you may think modern gadgets are worthwhile ways to keep in touch with others, you do not credit the internet or cell phone with any improvement in personal productivity or how you do their job.

8) Mobile Newbie

If you are a Mobile Newbie, you might have gotten a cell phone fairly recently, and have quickly found that having one is a big plus. You like being more available to others and would not want to give it up. Online access is a different issue. You are not a frequent user of the internet at home, and you may not have a high level of confidence in your ability to deal with gadgets or negotiate your way through the internet.

9) Technology Indifferent

If you are Tech Indifferent, you are not a heavy internet user and, although you probably have a cell phone, you don’t like its intrusiveness. You could easily do without modern gadgets and services. You may bristle at the amount of information swirling through modern society and are not likely to see digital information as a way to learn new things or be more productive in your life.

I am Digital Collaborator ;)

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